Richard Marquis玻璃艺术中的流行、古典和本土文化的融合

■文件名:POP, CLASSICAL and NATIVE CULTURES IN GLASS | Richard Marquis | Dante Marioni
■简介:Schantz Galleries in Stockbridge, Massachusetts is the destination for visitors to experience firsthand the works of more than fifty internationally recognized artist working in glass. Our gallery works with individuals, museums and corporations in building collections of art glass sculpture and installations by world renowned glass artists. The gallery is committed to exhibiting works by established and emerging artists, and working to curate museum shows throughout the country to further expose the artists we represent. In addition to curating exhibitions at the the Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass, the New Britain Museum of Art, the Morris Museum, Montgomery Museum and the Worcester Center for Craft, Jim Schantz curated an exhibition of works in glass by twelve artists outside at Chesterwood National Historical Site.

The unique cultures of the Pacific Northwest, both past and present, encourage friendship, a sharing of ideas, and cooperative efforts. This is certainly true of Richard Marquis, Dante Marioni, and Preston Singletary. From pop to classical to native, from murrini to cane to sandblasting, from witty to refined to narrative, Marquis, Marioni, and Singletary demonstrate the endless possibilities when the creative mind meets molten glass and fir太平洋西北部独特的文化,无论过去还是现在,都鼓励友谊、思想交流和合作努力。理查德·马奎斯、但丁·马里奥尼和普雷斯顿·辛格塔里都是如此。从流行音乐到古典音乐再到本土音乐,从穆里尼到藤条再到喷砂,从诙谐到精致再到叙事,马奎斯、马里奥尼和辛格尔塔里展示了当创意思维遇到熔融玻璃和冷杉时的无限可能性

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