Nature in Glass | A Delicate Balance玻璃中的自然|微妙的平衡 当代玻璃工艺品展

■文件名:Nature in Glass | A Delicate Balance 当代玻璃艺术家大师作品集
■简介:Schantz Galleries in Stockbridge, Massachusetts is the destination for visitors to experience firsthand the works of more than fifty internationally recognized artist working in glass. Our gallery works with individuals, museums and corporations in building collections of art glass sculpture and installations by world renowned glass artists. The gallery is committed to exhibiting works by established and emerging artists, and working to curate museum shows throughout the country to further expose the artists we represent. In addition to curating exhibitions at the the Bergstrom Mahler Museum of Glass, the New Britain Museum of Art, the Morris Museum, Montgomery Museum and the Worcester Center for Craft, Jim Schantz curated an exhibition of works in glass by twelve artists outside at Chesterwood National Historical Site.

Paul Stankard, Kelly O’Dell, and Raven Skyriver are more than keen observers of nature; they offer a visceral experience of the sublime but precarious beauty of the Earth. Their glass sculptures immerse us in nature, allowing us to contemplate our mortality and encouraging us to change our way of being in the world. Humans cannot halt, but in fact will eventually be folded into, the inevitable circle of life. But humans do have a choice if they want to be forces of destruction or agents of preservation. The glass art of these three artists guide us in the right direction. Each artist continues to experiment with the medium, taking creative risks in order to better understand themselves, better express their artistic voices, and better shepherd their viewers toward the greater good. 保罗·斯坦卡德、凯利·奥德尔和瑞文·斯凯里弗不仅仅是大自然的敏锐观察者;它们提供了对地球崇高但不稳定之美的内心体验。他们的玻璃雕塑让我们沉浸在大自然中,让我们思考死亡,鼓励我们改变生活方式。人类无法停止,但事实上最终会被卷入不可避免的生命循环。但是,如果人类想成为毁灭的力量或保护的代理人,他们确实有一个选择。这三位艺术家的玻璃艺术为我们指引了正确的方向。每一位艺术家都在继续尝试媒介,冒着创造性的风险,以便更好地了解自己,更好地表达自己的艺术声音,更好地引导观众走向更大的善。(机翻)


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